Manual Hoist


Descripción del producto El modelo Grid Climber está diseñado para controlar el posicionamiento motorizado vertical de las luminarias instaladas en la barra de elevación mediante bandas metálicas. La instalación del Grid Climber es de manera fácil y rápida tanto por sus sistemas de amarre como por su ligereza y maniobrabilidad. Junto con la [...]

ETC Pole Operated Yoke


 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ETC Pole Operated Yoke Kit for Source Four LED, Pan+Tilt   Easy to attach for operating zoom focus function. Yellow rotary cup provided. TV studios Tilt and Pan functions are provided, as well as optional zoom function (activated by three rotary cups) Pole Operated Yoke for Source 4 LED [...]

Droparm BMS


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Telescopic droparm BMS is designed for the suspension of lighting and media devices. It can support a maximum of 60 kg payload. It has standard 28 mm DIN TV spigot and a standard 17/29 mm DIN TV-Socket.. The outer tube is made of aluminum. All our machines comply with European [...]

Manual pantograph BMS


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The BMS Pole Operated Pantograph, with 40 Kg of payload and vertical travel up to 7.000 mm, is made of a steel frame 2 mm thick, turned and milled parts in stainless steel, 1810 steel alloy, aluminum scissor and nylon. It has a handle for safe handling and transport.  Supported by [...]