Project Description


The BMS Pole Operated Pantograph, with 40 Kg of payload and vertical travel up to 7.000 mm, is made of a steel frame 2 mm thick, turned and milled parts in stainless steel, 1810 steel alloy, aluminum scissor and nylon. It has a handle for safe handling and transport.  Supported by two stainless steel bands 0,3x15mm with soft edge and length compensation with a lifetime warranty. The safety factor 10 of the BGV C1; DIN 15560 T46 is assured. The dynamic transmission (16: 1) is self-locking, maintenance free, quiet and safe secured by a relatively smaller diameter of the band drum.

All our machines comply with European directives and are marked with the CE mark.

Technical Specifications: MANUAL PANTOGRAPH
Extension length:  Up to max. 7.000 mm
Closed Dimension: 760 mm
Safety load: Max. 40 Kg
Self weight:20 Kg
Gear box: 16:1 Dynamically self-locking.
Load attachment: Ø28/16mm DIN TV socket.
Top attachment: Ø 28  mm Spigot.
Power cord: 3 x 2,5 mm², free of halogen
Electrical bottom box configuration: On request.
Cable guide: By cable clamps.
Mechanical limits bottom/top: Yes
Verified according to the directive 70 BGV C1, German DIN 15560/46 for machinery in studies and European Electrical Safety Standard CE EC 2006-42.