Project Description


Climber Grid model is designed to control the motorized vertical positioning of fixtures installed in the lift rod by metal bands.

Climber Grid installation is fast and easy both in its mooring systems as well as in its lightness and maneuverability. Connectors are installed in the power strip, alognside the bar.

All our machines comply with European directives and are marked with the CE mark.

Technical Specifications: GRID CLIMBER HOIST
Stroke length 14.000 mm.
Working Load Limit 200Kg
Maximum torque 220 Nm at 2750 RPM.
Maximum vertical speed 250mm / s
Maximum Noise 55dB (A).
Approximate weight 100 kg.
Load Pole Ø48.3 mm, length 3000 mm
Verified according to the directive 70 BGV C1, German DIN 15560/46 for machinery in studies and European Electrical Safety Standard CE EC 2006-42.

High strength modular constructions with extreme rigidity. With 200 Kg of “Working Load Limit” and vertical travel up to 14,000 mm, our hoists are easily adaptable through their modular design and easy installation and maintenance, all of which are changeable once installed.
The hoists are made of a 3 mm thick steel frame, it has milled parts in stainless steel and 1810 steel alloy. Handles allow safe handling and transport. The housings are equipped with quick-release fasteners for quick and effective maintenance.
Supported by stainless steel bands with soft edge and length compensation with a lifetime warranty. The safety factor 10 of the BGV C1; DIN 15560 T46 is assured.
Equipped with a 3-phase geared-motor (German-made) 400V, 50Hz (230V version available upon request should lifting conditions allow). The geared-motor is accessible from below. The dynamic transmission is self-locking, maintenance free and self-lubricated (30 °C to 150 °C). The motor is thermal protected, IP54 and interference level N. The geared-motor is maintenance free. Vertical speed is 135 to 250 mm/s under load and transmission ratio. Soft start and stop is integrated in electronics via a programmable ramp on the variable speed drive. Noiseles and secured by a relatively smaller diameter of the band drum.
Flat cable basket with auto positioning, halogen free, with 12Y insulation and flame retardant.
The hoist is equipped with LED status indicators, with flashing light to indicate any failure.
The devices are in accordance with DIN 15560 T46 up to 200 kg of payload, EC directive 2006-42, DIN EN ISO 12100, which ensures:
• Upper and lower limit switches are adjustable from the outside.
• Safety disconnect by inductive sensors in each bands. Deflection sensitivity is 3 mm and is visually checked by green LED. The response time is 300 ms.
• Weight overload protection using load cell activation (DMS) with factor 1.2. This system is not susceptible to interference, it works with absolute precision and is maintenance free.
• Control devices are visible from the outside through a protective cover, fitted with quick release fasteners to open in maintenance.