Our products

Broadcast Media Supply S.L develop products for the control of
lighting suspension in TV, film, theatre and other audiovisual studios purposes

Our goal is to provide customized solutions, ranging from product development in our R & D, to final assembly of the components.

We developt of new products for the audiovisual market by providing customized solutions.

"BROADCAST MEDIA SUPPLY" located in Spain,. is a company with a technical profile and innovation. It deals with the development and production of lighting control products in television studios, cinemas, theaters and other audiovisual facilities.

Particularly relevant is our team. Professional experience combined with knowledge and motivation..


The best quality with the highest safety

Safety is an essential factor in our equipments. We check them continuously in order to meet the demands and requirements and to ensure maximum reliability.



Design of our suspension systems is something in that our R & D works continuously to provide added value differentiator in the market, adapting to the current situation.



In Broadcast Media Supply we promote continuous improvements in our products to achieve the highest quality, focusing our efforts on customer satisfaction.



We have an R & D department composed of highly qualified engineers who continually working on improving our products and offering reliable and innovative alternatives

Broadcast Media Supply, S.L.

Design, quality, innovation